Brace For Fashion designs fashionable AFO / leg brace covers

and cast covers. Choose your fabric, measure your calf and brace length and choose your size. We’ll ship it out ASAP so you can start wearing shorts, capris, dresses and skirts again with confidence!

In 2010, at age 45, I was diagnosed with adult-onset Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy 1, a genetic disorder that, among other things, causes weakness and atrophy in all four limbs. Most predominantly in the wrists and ankles.

Fast forward to 2014. I was having much more trouble walking and was diagnosed with bilateral foot drop. I was told I should get AFO'S. I was already struggling with my inability to do things i loved, like walking on the beach, hiking, bike riding and many more. My family's support made the transition easier, but my days of wearing shorts were over, because I felt embarrassed by the way the braces looked.

As  a man it's easier to cover the AFO'S because we mostly wear pants, slacks or jeans. But what about the fashion needs for women, kids and children? I started thinking of a way to cover the leg braces, to make them look like something else... a way to have them flow into an outfit. That was the beginning of Brace For Fashion!



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